Photographer © Frans Lanting

The exhibition is divided into four rooms.


In the first and second rooms, the emotion of the world is narrated. The FIRST ROOM welcomes visitors with the representation of a lush, bright and uncontaminated nature. You travel through landscapes of ice, water worlds, expanses of land and forests, accompanied by intoxicating scents and enveloping sounds. You meet the inhabitants of our planet and discover their habitats: four messengers, the polar bear for the ice, the sea turtle for the water, the Asian elephant for the earth and man for plastic tell their dramatic stories and introduce the visitor to the SECOND ROOM. Here we come into contact with the first images, of a far different impact, showing deteriorated environments and constantly updated news on current phenomena. The second room realistically tells the devastation of our planet, the effects on natural processes caused by human activity and the decline that man is facing.


The THIRD ROOM is dedicated to awareness. The call is to try to measure, through interactive games on the topics, how much our daily actions affect climate change. This room also hosts the presentation of two studies conducted in Italy by scientists of the National Geographic Society in the islands of Ischia and Tremiti.


The FOURTH ROOM contains scientific data recording the state of our planet, on which the scenario for the next few years is based. Infographics and a touch screen monitor provide information on global warming (to be linked to the page Global warming), on past and future climate changes and on the solutions to be adopted to counteract the phenomenon.

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