We thought of this exhibition as an experience divided into three different moments. If we are here to discover how and why the climate is changing, we can’t follow an ordinary path, don’t you think?


The first room is a pure visual experience. It welcomes visitors with large images of lush nature projected along the walls.

The amazement and emotion for the natural wonders of the planet are contrasted by images of catastrophes due to climate change.

Visual storytelling is not just about photography. The narrating voices of four witnesses, the polar bear for ice, the turtle for water, the Asian elephant for the earth and finally the man for plastic, tell the dramatic changes taking place on the planet.


The awareness of the people, the position of governments, the technological revolution of renewable energies and the ethical choice of more moderate consumption represent the only possibility of reversing a race that leads us towards hostile times.

In the second room, the exhibition has a clear objective: to tell the current state of the planet through data and information. What are the tools of choice for this? Interactive walls that are 3 metres high and contain info-graphics and illustrations. The power is all in the hands of data storytelling.

Call for action

Experience, awareness, action. You cannot be called out, you too have the opportunity to make useful choices and appropriate gestures to combat climate change. Even in everyday actions, from food to waste disposal.

You can always make a difference. The exhibition ends with an invitation: let’s change our future now. Not tomorrow. That’s why we leave you with useful tips and suggestions that can inspire your daily life.

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